Additional Services

UI Mockups

Included in every project.

We use design software to create your mockup. You know what to expect and can provide feedback early.

Scalable delivery

Included at no extra cost.

Even when experiencing heightened traffic, your website loads quickly through a content delivery network.


Included at no extra cost.

We optimize your code, images, and other assets so that your customers can load your website as fast as possible.

Static Blogs

Want a blog or news page with no/low cost hosting? We've got you covered.

Website Redesign

Already have a website? We'll upgrade your site to use modern best-practices, and revamp your website design.

Contact Forms

Websites make it extremely easy for customers to contact you. We set you up with a free contact form service (conditions apply), or your preferred alternative service.

Web Design & Development

A Modern Approach to Web Design & Development

Our approach to website design is based on modern techniques that result in practical and efficient websites. We utilize well-built, modern tools to develop static sites that load seamlessly and can be easily managed.

Many design agencies resort to website builders such as WordPress, simply because it's easy to design a website on Wordpress.

Customers later find out about issues like unexpected maintenance, plugin incompatibilities, and bloated pages that are unnecessary for their needs. This drives up costs and causes customer loss. People don't want to use clunky websites.

Choosing a well-designed static website for your small business brings significant advantages, such as higher search engine rankings, lower hosting costs, better site usability, and simpler maintenance compared to WordPress sites.

To summarize, static sites are significantly faster than dynamic sites, and will drastically improve every performance metric of your website.

You can read about our web development tools of choice on our FAQ page.


Speed Optimized Websites

We handpicked our web development tools to create blazing fast websites. This helps your website rank high in search engines, and will vastly increase your user's web experience.

A fast website + Search Engine Optimization best practices ensures that search engines love your website.

Speed Optimized Websites
Focus on SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a two-pronged issue.

First, on-page SEO. Your website's code must be SEO-optimized, accessible (e.g. friendly to screen readers, friendly to those with sight issues, etc.), and fast. These are easy to control. Some website owners may also have a Blog or News section, which adds to the SEO and help your website perform well in search engines.

Second, off-page SEO. This includes links (referred to as backlinks) to your website from other websites, social media presence, domain name age, and Google My Business profile. Some of these are easier to control than others, and it can take years of work to build strong off-page SEO.

We follow a thorough SEO checklist when creating every website. If search engine rank is important to you, we recommend you follow modern best practices!


Photo and Asset Optimization

We optimize every asset on your website, ensuring peak performance across all pages. Our focus on image optimization is particularly crucial, as we use lossless compression to significantly reduce file sizes. This means your images maintain their quality while eliminating unnecessary overhead, resulting in a seamless and efficient user experience.

Photo Editing

Our Workflow

We take a similar approach in every design project, which has helped us achieve a 100% satisfaction rate.

Define Your Project

Define and Discover

The first step in every web project is learning about your unique business needs and online objectives. This sets the stage for the rest of the project. By building this foundation, we will understand your expectations and how we can help you achieve success.

If you're interested in new web hosting (or for a new site, your first web host), we also discuss web hosting at this stage.


Every project is unique, and with clear expectations and regular communication, we can create the best product for your business needs. We'll keep you engaged and provide our honest expertise to your vision, so you'll know exactly what to expect when we complete your website.

Competition Research
Plan, Design, Create

Design and Create

We combine your goals with digital best practices, industry trends, and competitor analysis to design a solution focused on driving business growth. By applying an equal balance of creative & strategic thinking to generate an intuitive user experience that aligns with your business, your website will increase customer engagement and generate valuable leads.

We're happy to provide suggestions for content like using calls to action and clear messaging that leads your users to take your desired actions.

Final Delivery

Time to bring your dream alive! Once your website is complete, we deploy it to the internet and complete our final rounds of testing.

Should you require website updates in the future, don't hesitate to reach out to us any time.

Final Delivery

Let's Discuss Your Next Project

Running a business can be complicated. Let's ensure your website doesn't hold you back.

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