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Created a WordPress site from scratch, helping the business owner every step of the way

In early 2021, I began working with a local Irishdoodle breeder to create a site from scratch. I helped her set up hosting, domain, and built a modern, clean, and friendly WordPress site to boost her business. WordPress, as usual, was very buggy. The theme came with many formatting errors I couldn’t fix in the WordPress settings alone. After adding her content, I wrote several hundred lines of CSS to fix these formatting bugs, enhance user experience, and update animations to appear cleaner.

Today I specialize in static, non-dynamic websites (i.e. not Wordpress, Wix, etc), but in certain business cases these website builders make sense. If you plan on making regular changes to many parts of the website on a regular basis, and/or learning how to edit content yourself, website builders are much easier to learn than coding. Some business needs also require a backend, such as e-commerce/online stores, and building this completely static is a timely, buggy endeavour. Selecting the right tool for your business needs is the first step to any good website.

Munster Irishdoodles has easily been one of my favourite projects, and I had a fantastic time working with Bess. Bess raises amazing puppies, and I was happy to learn that her new website immediately skyrocketed the number of emails and waitlist requests she received (which continues to grow to this day)!

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Apr 19, 2020


Web Development

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